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Current and detailed information on the events and groups can be found in our event calendar and with the respective organizations.

Verastaltungen und Gruppen

Irregular (see agenda)

HAZ Queer Zurich

People 18 and over, those on the aromantic and/or asexual spectrum and those wondering if they are on the spectrums.

Bi group

3rd Wednesday of the month

HAZ - Queer Zurich

Moderated discussion group for adult, bisexual people and people who are wondering if they are bi.

Dinner for everyone

in odd months on the 2nd Wednesday


Dinner for queer students.

Dinner for women (and non-binary people)

on the 3rd Thursday of each month


Dinner for queer students.

Dinner for men (and non-binary people)

on the 4th Thursday of each month


Dinner for queer students.

English Language FLINTA Group

every 2nd Tuesday of the month

HAZ – Queer Zürich

Get-togethers for lesbian and bisexual women as well as non-binary people, organized by the Lesbenberatung.

Femme / Butch

every second month (see agenda)

HAZ – Queer Zurich

Discussion group on gender expression and gender. For anyone on the femme butch spectrum, including trans people and nonbinary people.

FLINTA meeting

1st Friday of the month together with the rainbow dinner.

HAZ - Queer Zurich

Get-togethers for lesbian and bisexual women as well as non-binary people, organized by the Lesbenberatung.

FLINTAQ* meeting over 40

Last Friday of the month

HAZ – Queer Zurich

queer women (lesbian, bi-sexual or pansexual women), inter, non-binary, trans and agender people* aged 40 and over.

Library readings

irregularly, on Saturday mornings (see calendar)

HAZ - Queer Zurich


1st Sunday of the month

HAZ - Queer Zurich

The aim is to provide a safe and relaxed space for queer autistic people to hangout or meet new people.


irregularly (see agenda)

HAZ Queer Zürich

Talk about polyamorous relationships. In english

Poly conversation

irregularly (see agenda)

HAZ - Queer Zurich

Moderated discussion group for adult people who (want to) have more than one relationship.

Queermix: Queer English Discussion Group

every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.

HAZ – Queer Zürich

connecting & discussing queer topics for English speaking queers.

Queerer Co-Working Space

Every Friday from 15:00-18:30
Regenbogenhaus Zürich
Bring your laptop, tablet, homework, etc. There is Wi-Fi and plenty of power sockets.


monthly (see agenda)

QueerNest - QueerSpace

Playful encounters among queers, physical experience and exploration in a safe setting. (Costs 15 - 40 CHF.)

Queer Language Partner


Further information.

Would you like to learn a new language and in return teach another person a language? Or
do you just want a person to practise speaking with?

Quinky Stammtisch

Every 5 weeks (see agenda)
HAZ Queer Zurich
Kinky queers (+18) who are interested in sharing knowledge, talking about their kinks and fantasies and becoming part of the community.

Rainbow Lounge

for queer refugees - meet new people, eat and being together

HAZ – Queer Zurich

Where and when:

Rainbow Dinner

please refer to agenda, usually the 1st Friday of the month

HAZ – Queer Zurich

Cozy food and drink at sensationally low prices for everyone who is in the mood for queer company.

Games meeting

on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 6 p.m

HAZ – Queer Zurich

For everyone who likes to play board games, card games or pen and paper role-playing games in queer company.

TGNS Affiliate Group

see agenda

Transgender Network Switzerland

Moderated exchange for parents, partners, siblings and other relatives of trans people.

TGNS youth group

every other month on Sundays (see agenda)

Transgender Network Switzerland

Meeting for trans, non-binary and questioning teens and young adults (approximately 13 to 29 years old).


2nd Thursday of the month

HAZ - Queer Zurich and Transgender Network Switzerland

Moderated self-help group for trans people.


The following organizations offer consultations in the Regenbogenhaus.

Advice on sexual orientation and gender identity

Lesbian advice: Advice for lesbian and bisexual women, as well as women who are unsure about their sexual orientation - contact:


Gay advice: Advice for gay and bisexual men, as well as men who are unsure about their sexual orientation - contact:

Trans counseling: Counseling for trans people, their relatives and specialists, as well as people who have questions about gender - contact:


The HAZ consultations are free and confidential. Appointments by arrangement.


Details on the website of haz - queer Zurich

Social counseling for LGBTQIA+ people

Every Wednesday afternoon, Reto Tschan (social work FH / no pronouns) is on site in the rainbow house and offers advice on various social topics spontaneously or by appointment, such as; Work, housing, illness, residence status, finances, conflicts, training and teaching, etc. The consultations are free and confidential.

If necessary, Reto can mediate to other specialist departments in and outside the Regenbogenhaus.

Consultations can also take place outside of the presence times in the Regenbogenhaus.


Available Tuesday to Friday


Telephone: 079 236 89 05

Advice for rainbow families

several times during the month: see agenda

Details on the website of the Dachverband Regenbogenfamilien


The following organizations are part of the Regenbogenhaus

Transgender Network Switzerland
Pink Cross
Lesbenorganisation Schweiz
schmaz Schwuler Männerchor
Chor Rosa
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stark am Berg
queer amnesty
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Queer Space
Dachverband Regenbogenfamilien
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